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  • Karen Gonsalves

WiRe Breakfast Inspires Trip of a Lifetime

In the latter half of 2016, WiRe offered its members a morning presentation with Audette Excel, the founder of Adara, a global charity focused on health and education of families living in poverty. Since that presentation I began a journey of learning more about the work that Adara does in Nepal and Uganda, and I have been inspired. That inspiration opened the doors to a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a Charity Challenge trek to Nepal in September of this year. All donations raised will go directly to support the programs at Adara.

So I am writing this note to thank the committee and share my appreciation for the events that you organize for the members…and in particular, for organizing Audette’s presentation, as it clearly struck a cord with me!

I have attached a link for my donations page for the trek, where you can read more above what Adara does and why I was inspired, along with some great youtube videos.

My target is to raise $10,000, 100% of which will go directly to Adara’s programs. If anyone is inspired to donate I would be most grateful! Also if anyone is interested in joining the trek, please let me know, and I will put you in touch with the local coordinator.

For more information, please read their annual report.:

Best regards,

Karen Gonsalves, CPA

AXIS Capital Holdings Limited

VP, Financial Control & Analysis

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