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Women in reinsurance



Women in Reinsurance (WiRe) is dedicated to promoting the professional development of women working in Bermuda's reinsurance market through networking events, informal mentoring, leadership panels and workshops.

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Welcome to WiRe. Our organization was founded in 2008 by professional women working in the reinsurance market in Bermuda who recognized a need to create opportunities to share ideas, meet and mentor other women in our industry.


​​Peta White

Chair, WiRe

Co-head of Global Reinsurance Operations and Senior Managing Director, Head of North America Property Reinsurance at Markel Global Reinsurance






WiRe is committed to presenting at least two panels per year focused on professional development and we offer numerous other networking events as well. If you are interested in participating on a panel or would like to suggest an item for our calendar, please contact us.


WiRe members are employed in a diverse variety of roles and participate in professional development programs, both locally and abroad. Our resource page is designed to help women who are researching opportunities to develop their skills.




Our membership includes women from almost every reinsurance and brokerage firm in Bermuda as well as women from local regulatory bodies, associations and reinsurance service providers. If you specialize in reinsurance, please apply to join WiRe.




Susan Smith

441 405-5209


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Rachael Afford

441 542 3701



Jeannine Menzies

441 707 7808




WiRe would like to thank those companies which have supported our activities. We would not have been able to stage certain events this past year without their generous support.


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